• Gamification 360 interactive video UK

    Cinema8 provides a general form designer, which you could form honestly full reports for your own customers, developing most of the portions of it. You could make different varieties of acquire, questions and store irreplaceable information regarding your viewers.




    Produce amazing accounts with Storyflow provide, it helps you to add more infinite videos on to a timeline, interactive or conventional products. The Storyflow is, for the most part, a tool that refers your ultimate goal and items people to help make the method of fiction, it gives you you to join up your interactive video designs with requests. So, it is a must while defining the steps of your interactive video.




    Conditional action is a stunning function that lets you save pursuits inside the audience for down the road utilizing mind selections. It is possible to use gamification, attributing matters around the opportunities and next guiding the viewer to different ideas depending on the determined choices.




    With Cinema8 live streaming attribute it is possible to start off real-time broadcasting simply, without the need for demand of a software or technique. You simply need to promote the web link along with your visitors and savor continuous transmit, with entry from somewhere on any device and it is also possible to translate your registered broadcasts and use them down the line interactive videos.




    With the restricted domain feature you can limit your video to just be shown on a specific URL if you want your content just to be watched just by your employees or by a selected audience that’s not a problem. Some other safety and security option is the security password protection, that ensure that your video recordings observable to those which put in the ideal security password.




    With advanced features and a very intuitive interface, as you see Cinema8 it’s a complete interactive video platform. It gives you anything that’s essential to craft fabulous and fascinating interactive videos, does not material the purpose of use.

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